6 Reasons Why Mosquitoes Bite You More Than Others

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Imagine a nice beautiful sunset scene you are enjoying in your garden and suddenly you feel a prick; and to your horror, a swarm of mosquitoes are around you and probably start following you every place you go. But what could be more annoying is when your friend sitting right next to you attracts none of them.

Are you the mosquito magnet? Probably a very mean question to ask. We all have noticed some of us tend to attract more mosquitoes than the others and the real reason behind this still stays a question. 

Here are a few reasons why mosquitoes bite you more than others:

1. Body Odour 

Researchers are working on finding out a particular type of body odor that attracts mosquitoes more than others. While research is yet to conclude, there are a few ideas on which these researchers have been proceeding. The first finding observed was the presence of some chemical compounds such as cholesterol or steroids on the skin surface which attract mosquitoes. Scientists also suggest that people who tend to produce excess uric acid are also prone to be mosquito magnets.

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2. Carbon Dioxide 

Mosquitoes have quite the ability to sense their food from about a distance of 50-meter. Now once they find a favorable target, they get set for a good dinner time. Carbon Dioxide tends to be the cause behind why mosquitoes might be behind you. As they sense higher concentrations of Carbon Dioxide, they start to swarm around that particular person and track them every place they go. Pregnant women have been observed to attract more mosquitoes than others as they exhale a higher amount of carbon dioxide.

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3. Striking Colors

Research also says that mosquitoes tend to fix their prey through vision. Striking colors such as Navy blue, black and red tend to attract them more than others.

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4. Sweat

Some theories have also suggested that mosquitoes tend to be attracted to those who sweat compared to those who do not. The odor of the day`s sweat attracts the mosquitoes to get closer to their bait. 

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5. Genes

In fact, one among most interesting theories also includes the fact that the reason might be related to one`s genetics. Some of us might have developed or acquired genes that might contain a compound acting as a barrier from exposing them as a bait to mosquitoes.

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6. Microbial Composition of the Body

One among the most recent theories explains that the microbial composition of our body, like in our mouth, etc could be a reason. Each of us has a different composition and it is necessary for as they help in producing certain chemicals in our blood. But some of these microbes could also be the reason why mosquitoes are attracted to you.

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More research relating to this field is in progress and as of now a particular pattern that follows for all is yet to be identified. 

So you might have to go through a few more months or years of mosquito bites before you actually get to know the reason. Till then just assume that you are  delicious. 😉 

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