Were You Ever Harassed? Here Are Some Shocking Stories of Child Sex Abuse

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Sexual harassment does not happen only on lonely streets at 2 in the morning (Not that we are saying that is okay). Everything we knew about sexual harassment is challenged by the ‘Everyday Sexism’ campaign that is taking the internet by storm.

child sex abuse

Sexual harassment happens in our homes, within our schools and it is not that farfetched. Many, many men and women have been subject to sexual abuse – of varying degree, from being watched to being touched.

#WhenIWas a little girl, I had to pass through a public playground to go to the school bus stop. At the playground, there were invariably these older, college boys playing hooky from class. They would whistle and catcall and sing lyrics of offensive songs.

It got so bad that I started avoiding the playground and instead chose a longer route to get to the bus stop. It has been more than 12 years since then. But I still can’t get myself to go anywhere near that playground.   

Here are a few examples of people who have spoken up about their brush with sexual harassment in their childhood:

It takes immense courage to come out and speak openly, but in doing so half the battle is won. There is help out there that you can avail immediately. You could talk to experts at YourDOST anonymously and confidentially.

So no more bottling up – speak up, speak out!

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