[Video] Parenting: When and How to Punish Your Child With a Time Out

1 minute

Wow, you’ve had a rough day. You went over to dinner at your boss’ house with your spouse and children. Now you’re new at the job and want to make a good impression. But your otherwise sweet and mild mannered children behaved so badly! They didn’t answer questions, they played with the fancy China and didn’t even thank the hosts. Surely, your kids deserve some sort of punishment to let them know such behavior is unacceptable. But how do you punish a kid? How do you communicate your dissatisfaction to your kids without leaving emotional scars? Well, Dr. Ari Brown has the answer! 


Timeout firstly is meant to be used only for SERIOUS offences. Time out isn’t about being sent away to the corner, it is basically giving your child the time to think about his/her actions and is time without any attention from you. Lastly, be consistent and give them sufficient time and trials to actually work.

Sudeepta Rao

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