6 Prominent Indian Celebrities Who Suffered Mental Illness

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Celebrities are loved by many and worshipped by some. The dresses they wear, their lifestyle, the cars they move around in, all of this gives us the inspiration to move ahead in our own life. Their life in itself becomes a dream for many. However, this dream is not exactly utopia. Even their perfect world is not free from Mental Illness. 

Here is a list of few celebrities who have suffered from Mental Disorders: 

1.Honey Singh 

Missed his peppy numbers and energy for a while? Honey Singh opened up a few weeks back to share his account of suffering from bipolar disorder. At that time, he was fighting extreme emotions to an extent that he had no control over it. He shared with his fans his way of building courage which helped him face anything that came his way or on the way of his loved ones.

Source: jagran.com

2. Deepika Padukone 

She has commanded her life to success today after having to battle a long period of depression. She spoke to her fans about her mental health and personally shared her daily struggles of having to live with it. In fact, she took a step ahead to establish a centre for mental health so as to help those who are facing the trauma she once had to face herself.

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3. Shah Rukh Khan

King Khan was one among many celebrities in Bollywood fallen prey to depression. After having torn his muscles while shooting, the Badshah of Bollywood suffered the pain and eventually succumb to depression. But it could never keep him from doing what he loves the best – entertaining his fans. This gave him the strength to cope with it.

Source: indianexpress.com


4.Manisha Koirala

This beauty suffered acute clinical depression following her bad marriage with her former husband and various other factors. She opened up to the world about her mental condition and also requested for help and suggestions through social media. Today post her divorce and severe cancer treatments, she is walking stronger than ever.

Source: www.hyderabadtalks.com

5.Parveen Babi

Considered among the most beautiful women Bollywood has ever seen, Parveen Babi was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and a severe case of depression. She left behind, her career in Bollywood to join an ashram in the U.S but failed to cope with the same eventually ending her life.

Source: freepressjournal.in

6.Jiah Khan

The story of Jiah khan is known to us all. Unable to accept her failed career in Bollywood and pains in her personal life, she suffered from serious depression leading her to take the extreme step of ending her life.

Source: indiatvnews.com

In a country that is yet to fully accept mental illness with an open mind, to open up and encourage others to do so about it is a commendable step! To touch the hearts of millions who could relate to them is more than a word of care for their fans.

Let us help those facing mental illness for they have enough to struggle for and making you understand shouldn’t become one of those!

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