Moving To A New City For A New Job? Here's What You Need To Do

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Moving to a new city for a new job without any friends currently there? As the Indian subcontinent is culturally diverse, moving to another part of the country can prove to be exhausting. 


Here are some suggestions to make the experience simpler —

Settling in the new city:

  1. The Three Basics: Safety, food and internet are three crucial fundamentals- taking care of these three is winning half the battle.
  2. Know the weather: Find out about probable weather conditions for the time you will move there beforehand and carry clothes accordingly.
  3. Book your stay: If you plan to stay in a hotel for a couple of days before finding a place for yourself, google about safe areas and secure hotels. Book your room in advance. If you are moving to a place other than a hotel, find out about its security arrangements.
  4. Language: If native language of the place is unknown to you, find out at least the basic words – how to call someone, how to say “You don’t know the language” and words for water, milk, food, etc. This can be done with Duolingo.
  5. Find food joints: Find out about nearby places where food of you or home deliveries so that meal times are not a problem in the first few days.
  6. Connect: Ask your friends to connect you to any of their friends/relatives in the city. Call them up to get some headstart on brokers, areas and mode of local transport. All this can be done over a phone call or a short meeting which will not make you feel like an intruder to the other person.
  7. Take initiative: Once you move into the city and become slightly comfortable, get a look around for yourself in the area you are in. Don’t be too hesitant to talk to the hotel receptionist or that new neighbour or a store manager.
  8. Be open to new experiences: Be mentally prepared for changes in your life. The more willingly you accept them, the easier the entire experience becomes.


Settling into the new job:

  1. Know office address and route:The first thing is to note the office address and find the way to reach it from the place you will be putting up – Cheers to Google Maps for the same! Find out about any probable bus/taxi strikes that may happen and prepare accordingly.
  2. Know your POC: Find out whom you need to meet on your first day. Call them up a day prior to joining the office so that they are prepared and you are not caught by surprise if they are no available in office the day you walk in.
  3. Start early: Save yourself from any delays due to unexpected happenings on the first day.
  4. Talk to colleagues: Make it a point to exchange pleasantries with (at least some of your) colleagues on the first day itself – it will make you feel more comfortable in your workplace. And this matters because a major part of your working hours will be spent at work.
  5. Ask for advice: Your colleagues can very well guide you in settling in the new city.
  6. Discuss work expectations: Talk to your senior to know expectations from you – time to reach and leave office, meetings, advance notices, work-from-home policies, leave policy and so on.


Finding your own place and settling:

  1. Check essentials: Finding a place on your own can be quite daunting. Take help of a broker, but also, solicit advice from a trusted person in your personal/professional network. Some of the most crucial amenities to be checked are water supply, gas connection, availability of transport and late night safety in the area. 
  2. Shop: Make a list of things needed in your new place and get them/order them from a supermarket (Google maps rescue us again) additionally, home deliveries might be available with the stores. Utilize them.
  3. Socialize: Outside of your work hours, find time to talk to your neighbours or security guard. Conversations help more than one expects in a new place. Go to a fair, a temple, a bookshop, a café, anywhere you like. Take out someone to coffee or a new movie.
  4. Connect back: Talk to/Skype with your loved ones, family and friends back home. Insist on sharing positive stories but do not hide any serious issues of health or safety.
  5. Relax:  Sleep for comfortable hours. Find time to meditate. Keep up your hobbies or dig up old ones.
  6. Realize: Understand that some hours or days will feel lonely. Do not push yourself to be happy or normal all the time. Accept the loneliness.
  7. IntrospectGive yourself a good amount of time before making any big decisions. Wait for about a year to feel at ease with the new place, city and work.


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