Is it okay to be a strict parent?

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Is being a strict parent okay? I guess that is one question waiting to trigger the deepest fear of every parent when they look at the world speaking about being cool parents. To get things pretty clear from the beginning I would say being a strict parent does not mean you cannot be cool. You could be a parent who can talk out anything and everything with your child, but would still like to have a strong say when it comes to decisions relating to them for their own good.


While strict parenting just gets too general, being strict or not, basically depends on the context one should talk about. Personally, I have been brought up by parents who have been strict about my attitude, behavior, manners and definitely education. But when it comes to me having a perfect person to learn and share with, they have been my cool buddies. And I guess that has helped me personally in more ways than what you can imagine. Being an authoritative parent will mean your child will try to rebel beyond a certain point of time. Or the worst case scenario is when they will feel too suppressed. But the trick is maintaining a good balance.


First of all, your parenting style will be based on your child`s attitude. Some children are very calm and composed and tend to listen and follow what parents say. But some children are naturally quite restless and are looking forward to experiencing things way before someone warns them. While the first case will just need you to have a say, the second will need you have a good hold on them.


As a good parent, you will be influencing your child`s life.  When you tend to be too strict about everything the situations turns to seem as though you are training them to act by your choices and make choices based on you. But if you click the right balance then you are going to guide them to the choice while they make their own.

Sometimes overly strict parents unknowingly force children to give up their creativity, dreams and hopes and make them feel like their path has already been laid. Also, the stricter you get towards your child, the more you are encouraging them to break your rules. Restrictions only trigger the instinct in them to do things secretively and also start keeping more things away from you.


But again it is pretty necessary to have a bond with your child where they will know they are not going to get away with their mistakes. Letting your child loose might make them quite irresponsible and unaccountable to anyone. And this could turn out to impact your child in a negative way. Bad habits, unacceptable company, getting into trouble and not structuring their lives, these children will fail to understand the importance of having their parent in their life.

Being a strict parent is fine to a point where your child feels comfortable and free to dream. Make sure you know if your child is feeling burdened by your restrictions and make them little flexible to suit you both. Happy parenting! 

Varshnee Raj

Varshnee Raj, an engineer by background, loves to invest her time in things which can improve her knowledge and share them through her writings. She has interest in craft work and painting. She also feels powerful to be able to help people during their low times through her words.