How to Convince Your Family About Your Dream Job

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It was a bright summer afternoon when my father first told me that he had always wanted to be a Collector and not an MBA specifically. But he chose that option because he had to finish studies quickly and take up responsibility by the virtue of being the eldest son of the family. I asked him if he regretted doing something that he wasn’t quite keen on doing, and his answer was “No.” He said that at that point he was too busy to learn this new thing than to focus on what he did not do. I thought that was quite a positive way to look at things and to move on in life.


As for me, somewhere deep down, I still feel a sliver of heart ache every time I think that I could have been a designer. But if I look at where I am right now, I don’t feel that sad anymore. After all, I can always pick up my colors and draw or paint to my heart’s content. I remember how stressed my family used to be when I wasn’t keen on taking up law and wanted to write a fashion designing entrance examination. There were numerous arguments, and I was told that I was too naive to be a designer. The words stung back then. I am still naive, and in a different profession altogether – but my family is happy. They are proud even if I dare say that. And me, I am not sure what I want to be, even after 27 years of my existence. I am still searching for that something which would satiate my desire to find a place of my own in this world.

So what happens, when parents start to visualize their children as an extension of themselves and as someone who can live and fulfill their dreams? It could be pressurizing, depressing or sad. But it doesn’t have to be that way absolutely. There are two sides to a coin and if you feel you want to stand on your own two feet, with courage and do what you really want to do, here are few things you can opt for.

  1. Research thoroughly on what you want to do – Research on what you are interested in so that you can build a foundation when you have to talk about what you want to be.
  1. Stay Focused – It is difficult to stand your ground when there are numerous doubts and opinions creeping in but keep going back to why you want to do something. I can tell you that when I decided to do things my way, my thoughts were the only thing with me.
    Stay Focused
  1. Give short informative pieces to your family – Keep them in the loop about your desired profession and tell them how it is relevant to you and why you feel you are good at it.
  1. Try to understand their position, though – It is important to understand why they want you to do something, once you are clear on why they are holding that position, you can present your points better.
    Parents Point of View

Sometimes, darkness is what leads to light, and I know it might sound philosophical but I am telling you from experience that worst moments do make us strong enough to truly bask in the light that has been waiting for us.


Pradeeta is a Law Graduate from Christ University, Bangalore, and has done her Masters in Law from National Law University, Odisha, Cuttack. She has interacted with people from various walks of life during her life in law school and beyond, through internships at NGOs and Human Rights Commissions. Through YourDOST, she looks forward to share her life experiences and the belief, that all of us have an inbuilt strength mechanism that makes us extraordinary. She is a dreamer, writer, and music fan, hoping to heal the world one day at a time.and backgrounds.