A Daughter's Heart Touching Letter To Her Parents

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Dear Maa & Papa,

THANK YOU! How simple it is to type this on a piece of paper. Yet it is so difficult to tell you, the same two words in person. Why? The question is not why. The question is for what? 


What do I start thanking you for? 

For the time I was sick and was crying all night, Maa you gave up your sleep and sat all night nursing me. Soaking the towel in ice water and placing it on my head, waiting for the fever to die down. 

The time Papa, you came back late from work after a long tiring day, yet you went off to get my school supplies without cribbing. Papa, every time I asked you for a certain amount of money, you would give me more than what I asked for, with that perfect smile of yours. 

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You both are an epitome of compassion, hard work and determination. I have learnt these 3 qualities by watching you during your trying times. 

Maa, you were lying on the bed sick, yet the first thing you asked me when I returned from school was, “Did you finish your lunch?” When I said no, you frowned at me and got up from the bed, heading towards the kitchen. 

Papa, you tend to always project your tough emotionless exterior, but the minute you know I need to be dropped somewhere, you come back early from work. From party planning to vacation planning, you never fail to impress me with your management skills.

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I am truly blessed to be the daughter of a perfect set of Indian parents. But yes, now that I have reached an age where I would like to request you few things from the bottom of my heart. 

I humbly ask you to open up to me, talk unhesitatingly about “Taboo Topics” such as Sex, Menstruation, Boyfriends, Love, Marriage, Drinking and many others, which we never discuss openly.

Yes, I know it must be supremely uncomfortable for you and it will be the same for me. But isn’t it better that these subjects are addressed in a cohesive environment from the right sources?  

Maa, Papa, I have come of age where I demand reasons for your actions.

As a child, you just told me what is good or bad. What is black or white? But the time has come, when I ask you WHY?? Why do you say it is good and why do you say it is bad? Why must I do this? And why mustn’t I? 

Guide me through my journey. But please do not cave the path for me.

I would like the freedom to make my own decisions and the opportunity to make my own path, no matter how hard it may be. Our neighbours, Chacha-Chachi, Mama-Mami, would keep telling you the things that I need to do to come up in my life. I humbly appeal to you, to first ask me, what I want to do in my life.

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I am 100% unique and the last edition of my kind. So please do not compare my results to those of my peers. 

I have always worked hard to gain knowledge rather than to rote learn for the sake of my marks. I may not be good at byhearting theories and definitions. But I do know how to apply my skills in the right field. I may not be good at Science or Mathematics, but there is a hidden artist or writer in me who is waiting to unleash her creativity.

I will put in the best of my efforts in the field I am truly passionate about. And you will raise your head with pride and tell me, that you are proud of me with those beautiful eyes glistening with moisture. 

I know that there is nothing that I can do to repay all that you have done for me, right from my birth. But I will be that human being who will make a difference in not only your life but in the lives of many.

Your Loving Daughter.

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