7 Reasons Why You Must be Friends With Highly Sensitive People

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We all have come across one person who has this amazing ability to know and understand you well. These people leave you with a lot of warmth and every interaction with them makes you feel more comfortable. They are positive and since they themselves are sensitive they communicate with care and are able to consider others feelings – they are what we call highly sensitive people.


Here are we enlist 7 reasons why you must be pals with highly sensitive people.

  1. They are able to manage conflicts between people effectively. Why? Because they have a keen eye for observation and details, and their involved behavior helps them to diffuse the tensions quickly.
  2. Highly sensitive people have a balance of right and the left brain and hence the level of emotional awareness is very high. They come across as empathetic, with high understanding to the needs of others. 
  3. They are also concerned with thorough planning and checking the details. This makes them as an asset when any serious work needs to be accomplished. 
  4. They like to involve others and help them develop and grow in work. If you have made a mistake, instead of flaring up at you, they will actually try to help you understand your mistakes and instill confidence back in you.
  5. They are intense people – they feel deeply for things and they do things with involvement and are passionate about what they want to do. They are perceptive and active and want to find ways to deal with the challenges.
  6. In a situation where others are stuck up, they come up with innovative solutions and can work out the ambiguities. 
  7. A lot of philanthropy and humanitarian work is a result of efforts made by highly sensitive individuals.These people have a sense of purpose and want to make a difference in others lives and are able to give up their comforts for the achieving the same.

So Highly sensitive individuals are a blessing  to society and if nurtured with care and affections can create a sea of warmth.

Malini Shah

Ms. Malini Shah is a special friend at YourDOST. She is a practicing Counselor/ Behavioral Trainer and EAP [ Employee Assistance Program ] professional. She has Co Founded Aastha Chrysalis Center - Transformation through Faith in Mumbai, India. Her functional experience is in Counseling and Therapies [Cognitive and Gestalt, Play and Art Therapy, Guided Visualization], Parenting ,Career Testing and Guidance, Life Skills Development Program for Students, Psychological Testing, Learning & Development, Coaching, HR –Recruitment & Selection and Management Training ,Psychometric Testing, Emotional Issue, Trauma and Grief Counseling, Exit Interviews.