Why it's Cool to Pursue a Hobby?

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People think that hobbies are only for children and teenagers but it is far from the truth. Hobbies are for everyone starting from children even to the elderly people. Hobbies are something that people like to do and which keeps them busy and occupied. Also hobbies make an individual feel satisfied and fulfilled as hobby is something which is pursued by the individual on his own without being forced to do it.

Anything which the individual does on his own out of interest gives the individual a feeling of productivity, a sense of achieving something and in turn happiness.

The happiness may be due to the fact that the hobby itself is making the individual happy or it could also be the happiness associated with learning something new and doing it. This results in increasing self esteem and self confidence as the individual will see him/her self as more worthy and deserving.

Most of the time ladies who are home makers and elderly, who are retired people, do not get an opportunity to go out and interact much with other people. This may make them feel isolated, lonely or depressed. Having a hobby for such individuals will prove as a blessing if they can again start feeling better, productive and have something to look forward to. Likewise, in the case of disabled individuals, who have physical limitations, staying at home most of the time makes them anxious, depressed and dejected from life. For these individuals pursuing hobbies  can give a new meaning to life.

For children and teenagers, hobbies are something which helps them increase knowledge, skills, make new friends, and helps in the developmental stages of life.

In case of working individuals hobbies help them take their mind away from work and help them de-stress and relax.

Hobbies are of many types:

1- Those which are done indoors such as playing board games such as Chess or Monopoly, cooking, art, embroidery, listening to music or reading books.

2- Those which are done outdoors – such as gardening, fishing, playing sports or bird watching.

3- Those which involve collection of items – such as collection of stamps, differnt currency coins, and even perfume bottles

In this age people like to pursue newer hobbies such as paper quilling, laser tag, and video and computer games.

It’s thus important to understand that hobbies are for everyone. Each individual can explore and find out which hobby or activity makes him/her feel interested and s/he can pursue it. People can also pursue more than one hobby at at time depending on the free time that they have.

A hobby is like your friend who gives you company when your real friends are not able to due to their busy life.

Have a good time with your hobbies!

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