The Beautiful and Difficult Phases of Pregnancy

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She stands in front of the mirror, analyzing herself from side to front, up to down and gently roaming her hands over her belly. All of a sudden she sees her husband through the mirror, smiling. She blushes as he hugs her from behind and asks, “What’s the occasion of this happiness dear?”



She exclaims, “We need to go shopping! I’ll be growing bigger in a few weeks!” With a big smile on his face, the husband picks her up in the air whilst a tear rolls down his eyes. He knows this isn’t going to be easy and she knows too. He knows he will have to see his darling go through so much pain and she knows she’ll have him beside her. He is going to be a DAD. His dainty darling is going to be a MOM. Thus, both embark upon this beautiful journey of 9 months which will change their life forever.

Comfort in Discomfort:

In the initial stages, the wife feels bloated. Apart from morning sickness, she also grows more sensitive to any sort of pain due to bodily changes. The husband comforts her by getting rid of anything that might make her throw up. He realizes her mood swings and aims to comfort her in any way she needs. “Ok honey, I’ll get you that sandwich right away!” he says as he wakes up from his sleep at 1 am.

Beating Hearts:

They have an appointment with the OBGYN to check if everything is alright. It’s her time to get a sonography.  She lies on the bed in discomfort. “Obviously, what else will you feel after drinking loads of water that you are on the verge of peeing but can’t,” husband wonders. She reaches for his hand as he stands by her head telling her, “it’s soon going to be alright”. The Gynecologist rolls the machine over her belly and suddenly they hear something thump! Their eyes fixated at the screen, they see a bean shaped thing.  “That’s your baby!” points out the doctor.  “Yes, that is our baby!” she holds his hand tighter as he kisses her forehead. “Yes, our kid, matching our heartbeats,” he thinks.


Stress Diet:

The husband is confused, she is irritated. Her favorite stuffed ladyfinger makes her nauseous, he doesn’t know what else is going to work. She is going through some weird changes. She feels angry all the time, keeps wondering if the baby is alright. As she slams the door again and comes storming into the house, complaining about work. He tries to keep his calm and says “everything will be alright.”

“Alright? Sure alright. Yes, all is good. I don’t see you vomiting. I don’t see you handling that lazy employee at work. My tummy won’t grow, I’m worried about the baby and you say it’s alright. Sure,” she screams all worried and irritated. Very soothingly he tells her, ” Honey, you’re just not eating properly due to all the hyperacidity and nausea. Plus, it’s the hormones.”

“You know what? Let’s start to meditate together before you kill me.” And successfully, he makes her smile again.

Tiny Buds and Night Routines:

The growth of that tiny piece of flesh inside her and the loss of her bladder control. Another appointment for sonography shows them an image of five tiny developing buds. “One for the head, two for legs, and two for hands,” the doctor points on the screen.

“That’s how I draw,” he exclaimed with an attempt to make others laugh.


Gets a weird look instead. However, this growth results in the loss of her bladder control. This not only makes her take rounds to the lavatory but also gives food cravings at night.

“Hey, stop switching the lights on and off. What’s the matter with you? ” he says. About time, the difficult phase takes a toll on him.

“It’s time for kulfi honey. You’re so sweet. Please bring me a kulfi,” she pleads sweetly. Of course he can’t escape that look so there goes the night routine.

Pregnancy Glow:

It’s sweat and nausea for the mother but for others, it’s angelic. Apart from hearing about how big she’s grown with the baby, the stability of the fetus brings with it some blessings; Happiness, Freshness, Proper Digestion and

“Wow, you’re glowing! My loving wife is back,” the father exclaims with joy.



“Did you feel it? Did you?” she asks happily as she feels the kicks.

“My god the baby is so energetic. Just like his dad. It won’t even stop,” he says.

It is weird, new, and definitely wonderful to feel the baby responding and interacting.

“But the baby likes the sound of Mum,” she tells him with a giggle.

Back aches:

She keeps on twirling, changing positions as she lay next to him. “What’s the matter?” he asks. ” I cannot sleep on my back, it hurts,” she says in discomfort.


They rush to the hospital as the water breaks. The time has finally arrived! This is the result day. For all these months, she has been strong and he has been like her rock only for this time. The time to see their world. She screams in pain as he holds her hand sitting right next to her for comfort with towels and encouraging words. He cannot see her go through that horrifying pain yet he cannot leave her alone. He wonders if only he could share the burden, yet he is proud to see how his delicate flower is bearing all of this boldly. She is a Mother already, now it’s his time to know if he’s a father yet.


The Birth:

Dear readers,

Everything I’ve mentioned so far is nothing compared to the feeling you get when you hold a new born.

It was twice as beautiful for them as it was their baby. With a cry, the child came out screaming and kicking- like her mother in the initial months.

It rested in their arms- like its father’s comfort.

Like the first sunrise of a beautiful morning, it opened its eyes and looked at its parents. They knew those eyes, they knew the look. It couldn’t speak yet they felt it.

She held the baby close to her chest while he caressed her hair with tears of joy brimming in his eyes. Their heartbeats were now one.

It was like rain in a cracked land, new sun, and a new moon.

Forever now they were parents. This tiny little world in their arms was going to call her MOM and him DAD.

Naairah Sharma

Naairah Sharma is inquisitive and treads the path to her heart. She is a student of mass media, journalist, martial artist, photographer, and a writer. She is currently freelancing to hone her skills. She loves to write, read, paint, sing, dance and SPEAK through all of them.