Sometimes it's Ok to Fail in a Relationship

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Failure – the word itself makes us upset. But have you ever thought if it would not have happened then you would have never realized that you deserve something much better.

Sometimes it’s okay to see failure in relationship else how would you get better?

Would you like to be in a relationship where you both are not compatible or have issues and that is just not making you stay in peace? 

Love and relationship are two very important aspects of life as they are the source of support and happiness, but if it’s not working out is it worth it?

But it’s easier said than done to move out of a relationship.

Let’s look a story here: Yash fell in love with a young woman Ria who was extremely talented. She was not really ready for the marriage but under immense parental pressure, she said yes. Yash, on the other hand, was a self-made man who was much more talented than her – she had no real reason to say a no. It was a beautiful wedding where every single person seemed excited but no one knew this marriage will have a sad ending.

Within a few days of marriage, they both had adjustment issues where in Ria announced that she could never accept Yash as her husband. She also didn’t like Yash addressing Pia’s parents as Mom and Dad. Days had passed and they both were unable to adjust. Yash tried everything to make Ria happy but she just didn’t want to accept this relationship and didn’t even ever went out for dinner with Yash.

Yash was falling in the pit of depression and finally with the help of family members came to the decision of filing for a divorce. In the court of law, Pia mentioned that she just cannot be in  this relationship as she had different expectations form life.

Yash’s world was shattered and he  didn’t know what to do then. For him, it was the biggest failure of his life. He loved someone and she never valued the love, he started to cut off from his families and friends and found solace in his work.

But then came a change in his life when he met this other girl Tanu who made him feel special and for the first time he realized what it is to be loved. He learnt to smile again and today he says something which no one ever expected him to ever say,

“I am glad my marriage had failed else I would have never met you and would have never known what it is to be loved”.

It is often said that “it’s better to be with no one than to be with the wrong one”. I will quote Santosh Kalwar here who said, “Life is an experiment in which you may fail or succeed. Explore more, expect least.” 

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