How to Be a Successful Single Parent

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Parenthood in itself is a tough call. And handling as a single parent is physically and mentally even more taxing. But then it’s not impossible. The most important thing that matters to become a successful single parent is how much you are willing to dedicate yourself to become an example to your kids. Your child, of course, is a huge part of your family dream and bringing them up to be what you would feel proud about cannot happen without your individual magic. Have your way to growing your child up.

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First accepting the part that is irrevocable and unavoidable is very necessary. Comments like broken and damaged family can come your way from anyone around. And trying to stay clear of these is close to impossible. You might be right on your part but you are still not living the ideal society standard of the family and that will prove painful sometimes. But what matters is how you tell your child to take the entire idea of it in the right sense. You might have a million reasons to why you are a single parent but your child must know it has mostly to do with your individual choice and does not mean your love towards them is affected in any manner.

Give a positive approach to the situation, appear more optimistic. Be confident that you can handle it and you will. Be confident enough to show your child that one or two parent does not really matter. You must show them that you dearly love them, but you are in command now. Your child should know that although you love them, you can still say a no to them. 

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Be ready to offer all the stability and security your child might be expecting in this situation. They might be very nervous and unsure about how secure they feel, and hence making them feel comfortable is necessary. Nurture your kids and spend some time ever day. Remember, being single will mean you have more responsibility to connect with your child and you just can’t let that go without notice. Your child will get closer and will trust you more when you get to share your bests and worsts, your ideas, and happenings with them.

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A support system is a must and building it for your child and for yourself is one other essential step. It might be your family, a close friend or anyone but always having another person to share is essential.

You need to build your child strong and an independent person, and there is no better person in the world than you who can set an example. 

Forgive yourself for any mistakes and falls and do realize that you are handling a responsibility of two, so it is natural to have anything bad happen. Cut yourself some slack!

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Also, it is just not you but your attitude towards your ex that will matter. Whatever differences you might be facing, do realize you need to set decent terms with them for the purpose of your child. Don’t try to convince your child who is right with the desire to have them by your side. Whatever happened involves you as a couple and your child needs each of you equally. While this scenario might be difficult to adjust initially, you will pass through strong if you try harder.

Remember good parenting is difficult so a fall or two should not hurt you but teach you. Shower enough love and have a good hold when necessary and you will ace it as a wonderful parent.

Varshnee Raj

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