How Our Failure Can Breed Success…

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When the word failure comes in mind it brings in a picture of us drastically making mistakes and not meeting our’s or others expectations. We all remember when we started walking we have fallen umpteen number of times yet we got up and started walking again. It’s same while learning a new skill, driving a car, making a new recipe or doing a new work task. Failure is the path towards success – if we do not try, we don’t reach anywhere, amd we do not learn anything new.

Success is linked to taking risks, taking chances and in doing so, we can make mistakes. This propels you to come out of your comfort zone and do something different. Many discoveries in the world have been made after a lot of failures – just think of the world without phone, electricity, medicines and other things.

When the times get tougher the tougher get going. We have seen how a certain brand of fried Chicken recipe became famous: The founder had to go through innumerable rejections at an age when people retire, to make his recipe work – grit, and unwavering perseverance is what can help us handle failures better.

When we think of failure we think of:


  • We do not believe that something ‘LIKE THIS CAN HAPPEN’,
  • or can be set right
  • or that we still can do things ahead or
  • or that such a thing is possible.

Doubts and Criticisms,

  • Why do we have to go through this
  • or why did it happen to us what have we done to deserve this
  • or we have not come up to others expectations what will they think about us

Such kind of thoughts come if we are on demand track of expectations, either from self or the others. And we become intolerant of ours and other’s mistakes too. Reconstruction of goals becomes difficult, spiraling us into a low mood, sadness, anger and the blame game.

The feelings of guilt also create dependence on being passive and to hide behind the curtain of inaction.

However, the sooner we accept the situation, own it and take responsibility, the better it helps us to create a change or open up new vistas for ourselves.

Many successful people have faced major failures in life but they have turned those failures around by:

  • Accepting the situation and taking responsibility.
  • Having the right and optimistic mindset to start again with renewed energy and ideas.
  • Ability to overlook others negative comments and believe in their own self and potential.
  • Understanding their role by being honest and focusing on the situations and not on past failures or laurels.
  • Gathering the facts about the situation and picking themselves up – reminding that success is just around the corner.
  • Learning from experience & trying again.
  • Knowing that when things go wrong or happen to you, you can grow stronger in the process of overcoming them.

Thus, by introspecting and answering a few questions, you get to move on, and put the failure behind you and to “do our best” as

“Success is never ending, Failure is never final, and the choice is yours.”

Malini Shah

Ms. Malini Shah is a special friend at YourDOST. She is a practicing Counselor/ Behavioral Trainer and EAP [ Employee Assistance Program ] professional. She has Co Founded Aastha Chrysalis Center - Transformation through Faith in Mumbai, India. Her functional experience is in Counseling and Therapies [Cognitive and Gestalt, Play and Art Therapy, Guided Visualization], Parenting ,Career Testing and Guidance, Life Skills Development Program for Students, Psychological Testing, Learning & Development, Coaching, HR –Recruitment & Selection and Management Training ,Psychometric Testing, Emotional Issue, Trauma and Grief Counseling, Exit Interviews.