[Rendezvous with Ugesh Sarcar]: Views On Magic, Alternate Careers, Passion, and More

2 minutes

We at YourDOST are always on the lookout to get a hold of real life heroes, geniuses and masters who can teach us a lot of good stuff. This time around, it was our privilege to interview one of India’s most successful and revered street magicians, Ugesh Sarcar.

In this video, Ugesh talks about what drew him towards Magic, how his family supported him, and then he leaves us with some really inspiring thoughts on pursuing our passion and working hard towards it. So enjoy the video:


Brief Interview excerpts:

[0:00–2:15] Here Ugesh shares that Music to him is one of the most difficult forms of art to master. If one can put the amount of hardwork, time and other resources to it, s/he can achieve name, fame and money. He believes Magic to be a ‘cool’ career!

[2:15–3:30] Ugesh shares his opinion about people taking magic as an alternate career. He believes  

“It is one life and we need to take challenges. Choosing magic as a career is about taking risks. It is definitely road less travelled. But if you do, you are creating a path for others to follow. So keep pushing yourself and don’t give up.”

[3:30–5:15] Ugesh highlights that his family have been very supportive, especially his dad, who had never forced him to take Magic as a career. Ugesh chose magic, but his focus was to set new benchmarks for himself – surpassing the ones his father the famous magician MC Sarcar has set.

[5:15–9:00] Ugesh gives advice to the people who want do something different. He says that if you really want something you will figure a way out. If you want to excel in something you need passion, dedication and unbending belief that you are the best, and work towards it and make the world catch up with you. In the end, he shares 3 important life lessons:

“Your intentions have zero value; it’s only your actions which give you results.”

“Give your 100% to your task and stop carrying monkey on your back”

“Trying is lying. Stop yourself from giving false hope. Just do it”

Richa singh

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