5 Awesome Ways to Make Boring Subjects Interesting (And it Works!)

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Remember that subject which drove you crazy and you barely even got the pass marks? What if you have to study it again because of your work demands? Isn’t it a nightmare?

Yes! Indeed. But wait…

I have some tips which will help you with that.

No subject is boring to everyone and neither there are inherently interesting subjects. The opinions we form on some subjects which seem boring can be due to various reasons–maybe your teacher didn’t make it interesting enough or you don’t have the necessary foundations, etc. But how hard we may try some subjects will cease to enter our minds.

Here are 5 ways to make a boring subject interesting.

  1. Add Humor

We may not remember all the maths formulas or science stuff from our school but we’ll not forget our classic childhood jokes. This is because we enjoy them and it brings a good feeling to our mind. In this digital age, every content is available in many forms. There are many books which can add humor to a subject and present them in a fashion which makes things easy to remember.

  1. Take a Different Perspective

We often miss the beauty of a subject because of our wrong way of looking. It’s true that beauty lies in eyes of the beholder. Then why not change our perspective and give it one more shot. Experiment with different learning strategies and find the one which suits you the best.

  1. Make it spectacular

Reading a comic book is far more enjoyable than reading a novel that describes it for many of us. Because whatever pleases our eyes finds a place in our  minds easily. Find infographics and pictures which explain your subject in an enjoyable manner. Make a story with all that pictures and your topics, you’ll never forget it.

  1. Questionnaire

Make a questionnaire about the important topics in your subject and try to find the answers. Try to make it short and sweet. When you start asking relevant questions you enjoy finding answers which in turn spices up the learning process. This also helps you for future reference in a quickest possible way.

  1. Case Study

Instead of going through all the boring rules and examples try a case study. It really helps when you start to know how a particular subject can be used in real-world. Case-study gives you a lot of information which is impossible to gather through studying books. It will make you familiar with real-world challenges and this enables you to know the nuances of it.

I can’t say that these techniques will make you passionate about a rather dull subject but will definitely kindle your interest. And if you should learn the subject anyway  why not make it enjoyable, right?

As Benjamin Franklin says

“ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”.

Vamshi Krishna

An engineer by qualification and voracious reader, Vamshi Krishna wants to make an impact on our education system by bringing positive change in the students. He is technology savvy and also interested in human psychology. Through Your DOST he wants to make his opinion count.