Women's Persceptive On Pornography

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It feels weird to even start off with the topic because we are yet to see the society that can accept the most natural act of every human being, Sex. I would rather say all the hype about such talks is happening only because it is a human instinct to try breaking the suppressing rules. And I would in fact say all the hype about watching porn is only much until they can actually get to experience it all in the real arena. And this is my perspective about pornography in general when I discuss it with men. But deep down there is a much bigger reason to why I would like my man to not be obsessed to pornography and it is not just because the society considers it a taboo.

The first reason I would like to state why most women do not accept the idea of porn as good as men do is, it sets a very unrealistic level of expectation in few. Men expect more than they enjoy as they sometimes try getting to the standards of the visuals they have seen. In fact such acts have been pretty much noticeable among women too. Pornography has unknowingly established a standard of measurement of sexual satisfaction and this has a huge toll on today`s couples. Sometimes such dissatisfaction and bring down confidence in the other person to live to an expectation that is probably not even true.

Another common reason why women do not accept the idea of pornography too often is because they feel much like they might lose intimacy. It seems to them like a sign that their sexual relationship isn’t going well and she is personally not giving the best which is making her man resort to an alternative. Also to a certain extent the fear that her man might get much addicted and eventually losing interest in her also lasts.

There is a much deeper reason so as to why women do not encourage the idea of porn. The reason is that in such acts women are shown to be commoditized and exploited which is not the right image to influence the society. Women fear the impact this might have on men and their perspective of looking at them. Also to a minimal level there is lack of tenderness and love, but rather only an erotic sexual experience which puts them into the fear of having to face the same.

Behind the curtains of acts where women think porn is completely uncomfortable with them, there is a fear that she wouldn’t be accepted by the society for being open about it. In fact today many women have accepted that sometimes they do not mind their guy watching porn may be for some solo experience or to relieve stress. Some women have also shared their experience of watching porn with their partner and they seemed to have enjoyed it.

Sexual relationships in our country today have become an integral part of every relationship and such minor areas have to be looked with attention. Talk to your girl to know what her issue is, if at all she has one. But then there is always a possibility that a woman feels uncomfortable with porn for none of the above reasons. It might just be the very idea that isn’t making her comfortable and you will have to accept it. Keep your relationship lighted up and realistic and make her feel ever special and you have your girl right by you then.

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