How Introverts Enjoy Life

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The common misconception is, that introverts don’t enjoy our lives. But the fact is, they do; and probably You don’t know it, Just because they don’t show it. Each individual has a different definition of enjoyment and so, what might be your way of fun and expression need not be someone else’s too. Here is a glimpse of how most introverts love to enjoy their lives.


Happy vibes with small tribes

How Introverts Enjoy Life

Being an introvert or an extrovert is never an extreme label. Introverts can be extroverts in small groups of people they find comfortable being around. They can do all crazy things with people who understand them and when you see them, you would not in a million guesses know how crazy those things can be.


Things don’t have to get loud always

How Introverts Enjoy Life

A party does not necessarily have to be ear bursting music, it can be a bliss with good food, light music and close people too. Even for a short picnic or trip, an introvert might very well take a holiday trip with close friends to a serene place, to enjoy nature trails, or a secluded beach or a camping trip to these absolutely calm yet beautiful places.


Being quiet does not mean they are not enjoying

How Introverts Enjoy Life

At a party, an introvert might not go holly jolly over every third person but stick to his/her small group of friends, not talk much to everyone and have their drinks and dance a little or dance much. But, when they choose not to express much but are sitting there listening to others, it does not mean they are necessarily getting bored! So, try not to make such assumptions.


Remember these golden words penned by Edwin Hubble Chapin- “Do not judge anyone from mere appearance; for the lift laughter that bubbles on the lips often mantles over depths of sadness, and the serious look may be the sober veil that covers a divine peace and joy.”


Long drives

How Introverts Enjoy Life

When an introvert says long drive, it does not necessarily have to be lots of beer and rock music playing during the journey. It can very well be light and soft, soul-pleasing music, with hours spent watching the beauty of nature and ending up in a cup of tea/coffee with sky-gazing.!


Alone time is very Important

How Introverts Enjoy Life

If introverts want to be by themselves, it does not mean they don’t like you or your company. It just means they love their own space and their ‘Me time’. It can range from anything to a session of crazy dancing, to singing, to reading or writing, to creating some art-work, to looking at the mesmerising sunsets and admiring the beauty in every tiny thing.


Beauty lies in observation

How Introverts Enjoy Life

Sometimes, all an introvert would want to do is, sit on the pavement somewhere, or at a cafe, or at a quiet place all by themselves and observe everything and everyone around. They love to get into details. Ah! that is so much fun too!


On search for untouched tourist places

How Introverts Enjoy Life

They would readily want to go to those mysterious, untouched beautiful places where the beauty is still intact and there is no rush and crowd. Yes! they don’t like all that hustle bustle! They are explorers, and with no one along, they would be curious to talk to some new people to know more about them their life story, the local places, etc.


Joy in little things

How Introverts Enjoy Life

Reading a beautiful quote can get them high on joy. Yes, beautiful words give us goosebumps and tickle their souls filling them with abundant happiness; and so would small things like taking a stroll with someone they love, photography (especially to find beauty in tiny things and simple things in everyday life. TURN ON MACRO-Mode!). They get that serene sense of joy in such things which is more childlike too if one observes, and get fascinated by the simplest of things!

They don’t need a million people on our friends list, they would cherish a few good ones they can be comfortable with and enjoy their lives with. They go by quality not by quantity. The purpose is not to show-off! Introverts love experiencing inner peace and joy.


Special Note from a Psychologist

I see many of my clients being so disturbed about being introverts. It is majorly because of the societal bias in perception which tends to favour extroversion as a more desirable personality trait. Both these traits lie on a continuum, That is, being an introvert does not mean you have absence of extroversion, and being an extrovert does not mean you have a complete absence of introversion. I am an introvert too and I DO NOT remember a single time I have regretted being so! It has never been an obstacle for me.


So, please do not try abandon your personality and tell yourself you are not good, just because the external world is trying to mould you into someone else! You don’t have to do that. Being an introvert is as much fun and positive as being an extrovert is. So, accept yourself and you shall be more at peace and congruent with your true personality and you would thus be able to enjoy it better and make more productive contribution to your personal, professional and social lives. Cheers!

Gargee Kanhere

Gargee is your special friend from YourDOST team. She is a clinical psychologist and has experience of working with various hospitals in Bangalore and Bhopal. Her areas of interest are Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy, Assessment, Mindfulness, special education, De-Addiction Counselling, Psychoanalysis, Yoga Psychology, Psycho-Oncology. An extremely compassionate person who finds happiness in helping others.