How To Cope With Pornography Addiction

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IN BRIEF: Since we are not taught how to handle stress, we tend to seek the easiest channel to relieve it. And often these options lead to addiction, be it smoking, drinking, or even watching pornography. In this section, we address tips to cope with Porn addiction.

With the availability of Porn in a few free clicks its addiction became much more prevalent than other addictions like food, alcohol and drugs. Let us look at how to cope with it. First you should understand that being shameful doesn’t help and it will take its time to achieve your goal.

1. Recognition

As we are bold enough to realise that there is something wrong it is important to know the difference between Consuming more porn and Porn addiction. When you feel the psychological urge to watch it instead of watching it for just enjoyment it maybe addiction. If your work, energy and relationships are at stake because of the time devoted to porn, it is definitely addiction. Realising this yourself makes it easier than others pointing it out.

2. Acknowledgement

You should acknowledge that you have it because denying it makes the problem worse which will impact you deeper than you think. After this, set your goals by thinking what is that you want to change? Some people want to stop consuming porn all together and others want to reduce the usage. In this whole process never look down upon yourselves because it is very common these days and we human beings are more sexual.

3. The cause

There is a cause for every addiction, find out yours. It maybe lot of free time, unable to find real-life partners, stress, trauma anything. If you can find it, the problem can be easy to tackle with as we are hitting the root. Some times it will be the environment you’re in and influence of some of your friends. It’s better to say bye to them right now.

4. Environment

After finding your cause, plan what to do with your free time or how to cope with boredom in productive ways. Also it is recommended that placing yourself in an environment where watching porn is virtually impossible because it allows your brain’s creativity go bananas. Self-monitoring your activities by writing them down also helps a lot.

Remembering the consequences you have faced because of this addiction acts as a reinforcement. If you are determined and follow the steps, you can overcome it, but understand that you won’t achieve this in a day or two.

5. Ask help

If you are unable to stop it no matter how much you try there maybe an underlying condition which you are not aware of. Don’t hesitate to seek help of a professional. If you are not sure whether you require the help of a professional or not, we, here at YourDOST, are ready to give you any guidance you want.

“Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be”

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