GRAPHIC: Resume Of Homer Simpson

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Most of us know the beloved TV character Homer Simpson. There so much we can learn from him, especially what not to do and how not to behave. Homer Simpson and the show The Simpsons is the longest running Cartoon TV show in the history of entertainment. A show cannot achieve this longevity without being a part of the social consciousness. For many years, the show has been a critic to economic, social, environmental, and political issues in America and the world too.

Caricatures of many noteworthy and influential people from across the world have been a part of story telling in The Simpsons. I would take a bet that if you stopped watching the news, and just followed this show every week, you would still be very informed about the current affairs. That is how influential and strong is The Simpsons. I can honestly vouch that this show has take SATIRE to a completely different level and has influenced a panoply of other shows as well.

The male lead of the show, Homer Simpson is a fantastically hilarious character. Here is a showdown on his life skills and occupation.

Graphic: Resume Of Homer Simpson


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