5 Things To Learn From GAME OF THRONES

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IN BRIEF: In this post we mention a few lessons we can learn from the highly successful TV show GAME OF THRONES.

IN BRIEF: There are so many points, perspectives, and analogies we can take from pop culture. The HBO hit show GAME OF THRONES has influenced the contemporary pop culture like no other. Though there are so many aspects from the show which can be analysed and applied in everyday life, except for the hardcore physical acts of course, we are not prudes, but still. Here are 5 inspirational ideas or factors which we reckon makes sense to pay attention to.


Game of Thrones, is an American fantasy drama, based on George R. R. Martin’s series of novel, A Song of Ice & Fire, created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for HBO. It premiered in USA in 2011 and the series completed airing it’s fifth season on june, 2015. Whether you are a watcher or reader of the series, or you never heard about it. So, here are some inspiring lessons we can learn from Game of Thrones.

Loyalty And Honesty:

If you have been following show, then you know that Jorah had been betraying his queen, Daenerys. And Daenerys sent a crying Jorah away in disgrace.This teaches us that be loyal to those who care about and if you haven’t been loyal then it is time to correct course.

5 things to learn from game of thrones

Anyone Can Make A Difference:

Game of Thrones has no shortage of strong characters. And if you are passionate about something, but you are fearing that you are the only one and can’t make difference, we can learn from the character of Daenerys, who was once a meek girl and controlled by her overbearing brother. However, in the latter stages of the show she becomes a Queen and releases thousands of slaves and takes a stance against human slavery.

5 things to learn from game of thrones

Treat Every Minute Of Your Life Like It’s Your Last:

The dialogue of Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger, ” Everybody dies sooner or later. And don’t worry about your death. Worry about your life. Take charge of your life as long as it lasts”. What a great quote that teaches us a lesson of life.

5 things to learn from game of thrones

Anyone Can Make Mistakes:

Aemon, master of Night’s Watch, has been leader for many many years. And the main rule for them is not to have any relation with women. When someone points out that Jon, that a member of Night’s watch has slept with a woman, Aemon says, “If we beheaded every ranger who lay with a girl, the wall would be manned by headless men”. Aemon understands that anyone can make mistakes but punishing someone just for sake of punishment is not the solution.

5 things to learn from game of thrones


Hodor is one of the most endearing characters on Game of Thrones. Because he is a very fun loving and simple man. He is very good person from heart and can do anything for the people he loves. And he can face any adversity with a big smile on his face. We can inculcate this positivity in our lives.

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What Is Your Take?

It is evident that we have skipped many aspects of the show which can be talked and discussed about. What are the other factors which we can learn from GAME OF THRONES? Mention them in the comments. The University of British Columbia is now offering a COURSE on GAME OF THRONES now, check it out here.

Here are some of GAME OF THRONES quotes which can be used in everyday situations.

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