I Drink A Lot. Does That Mean I Am Addicted?

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The first drink of our live is water and gradually we move to tasting other beverages like fruit juices. Until one fine day we get introduced to our first glass of alcohol. Even before our first sip we have already perceived it to be something different in our minds. Many of us I am sure have seen people under the influence of alcohol in person and if not then definitely spotted one on television.

So what is all the buzz about alcohol, is it the quantity or the way we behave under its influence?

4 Stages Of Alcoholism

  1. Occasional drinker – Drinking once in a blue moon, eg, a birthday or new year
  2. Social drinker – At social gatherings, eg. parties,
  3. Regular drinker – Weekends
  4. Chronic stage – Daily

With the rise in frequency even the consumption will increase leading to a risk in health. Not to forget we must take into account the quantity and quality of consumption at each drinking session.

What do you consider okay, drinking 3 quarters at an occasional gathering or 2 pegs of 60ml daily?

Drinking homemade alcohol (country liquor) or a good brand?

Once you have identified which category you fall in, its time to rethink where to draw the line_______

Some Points To Help You Decide:

  1. When do I drink (had a long day, tired, stress, celebration, been a long time, break up)
  2. Whats my tolerance level (2 pegs make me feel nice, 5 pegs make me slur, 7 pegs I need help to get home)
  3. Whose my company (buddies, colleagues, neighbors, family, wife)
  4. Do I nurse my drink or race it up (2 drinks at a party or 2 quarters)
  5. Do I snack in between
  6. Do I drink raw or dilute your drink

I know I am unstoppable after a few rounds and I need help, what do I do?

  • Take help from near and dear ones
  • Locate the nearest Alcoholics Anonymous group in your area
  • Get a health check up to rule out any health conditions
  • Read up on heath hazards and ways to curb your alcohol intake

Better be safe than sorry. It’s your life. Don’t waste it.

My personal view, alcohol was made to lighten the mind and elevate the mood. Definitely not to embarrass ourselves and cause harm to oneself or others.

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