Slowdown To Speed-up!

3 minutes
“How does one woodcutter get so many wood pieces when his co-worker doesn’t even get half as many?” Wondered the employer. 
To see what happens he hid behind a tree. He saw one woodcutter constantly hitting the trees with his axe while the other guy took multiple breaks in between. When the two woodcutters came back, he was amazed. He saw the guy who took multiple breaks got more woods than the other.
‘How did it happen?’, asked the employer. The guy with more wood replied, “I sharpened my axe and relaxed my body every time I took a break.” 
Sometimes in life we have to slowdown to speed-up. So, take a break to sharpen our axe!


Here are few tips you can follow!

  1. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Everybody has weaknesses, Take pride in what you have rather that focusing on what you do not have. If you ask a turtle to run fast and a hare to swim, you will see both fail miserably. It is essential that we learn from our weaknesses.
  2. Don’t compare yourself with others. Its good to have role models. Learn from them, get inspired, but don’t compare and feel bad. You are the best you! Better yourself every day, every year.
  3. Take frequent breaks. Your mind needs break. Take a walk, stretch yourself, let the blood flow through the body. Drink some water, wash your face. Lets the fresh air reach the brain. Fresh mind leads to better productivity.  
  4. Sleep well. Take proper rest. Sleeping helps reduce stress and increases memory power. Brain detoxifies and rejuvenates only during sleep. Also it is important to sleep with positive thoughts and attitude. Read a positive mental attitude book, inspiring quote or something that makes you happy before going to sleep.
  5. Eat well. It is important that you eat nourished food. Take a balanced diet with fresh fruits. Proper food helps in proper functioning of your brain. Be happy while eating and enjoy it. 
  6. Meditate and do deep breathing. Oxygen is very important for your body and brain. Take deep breaths. Engage in 10-15 mins of meditation. Most successful people do some form of meditation. 
  7. Celebrate small victories. Eat your favourite food at your favourite restaurant, play with your friends/kids, go out for a movie. Appreciate and pamper yourself. Feel good, do good!
  8. Strike a balance. Do your best but do not push yourself too hard. Understand your limits. Listen to your body signals like body ache, fatigue and give yourself some break.
Success is a planned event. You need to plan for it, keeping your strengths and weaknesses in mind. It is a recipe, where all ingredients are important. Just being intelligent may not cut it, just being a hard worker may not be sufficient, It requires a strong dream, guts to stand in strong winds, proper planning, guidance, emotional support, persistence, hard work, focus and a positive attitude!


Dhirendra Sinha is Director of Engineering for Captora Inc, California. He has done his engineering from IIT Guwahati and MS from Texas A&M University, US. He is a father of two beautiful girls.He volunteers for YourDOST as he wants to help people through this medium.