Gearing Up To Work From Office

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Imagine the day when you walk into your office. No, not your home office, but office office. The place will be familiar yet unfamiliar. For many of us, it might even be a shock, right? You may even have to retrain yourself to work from an office again. It’s time we started gearing up for inevitable, the eventual end of lockdown. Here are some things you should start following in your home office, to prepare for office:

1. Maintain your routine as much as possible

Follow a set routine everyday

In the past, we have constantly reminded you of maintaining a work schedule like you did in office. This becomes all the more important for you follow to a cue – when you start, when you eat, when you stop, etc.

The benefits of following a set routine cannot be understated. Studies show that a routine helps prevent distractions as in that time span you’re going to be focused only on things that need to be done, whether you’re working from home or office.

2. Avoid over”meeting”

Don't suddenly start organising too many meetings

One of the benefits of working from home has been the minimisation of meetings. According to a survey published on May 4th, 2020, 39% of working professionals report an increase in their productivity due to a reduction in the number of work-meetings they attend.

So, once you’re back at work, try to make sure that the number of meetings you organise doesn’t suddenly skyrocket.

3. Plan work in advance

Plan your work well in advance

One you’re sure of the date, make sure you have a plan for what you’ll be working on for the next few weeks once you’re back in office. Productivity coaches are all universal in praising the benefits of planning ahead. It is an excellent way to achieve mindfulness at work.

With things already planned, you can focus on the present without worrying about the past or future. This way, even if you feel a bit overwhelmed at work, you can continue working without much difficulty.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Practice some kind of mindfulness or meditation

Practicing mindfulness is indeed the most effective tool. Studies have definitely shown that mindfulness helps build resilience, thus making us immune to getting overwhelmed in situations like the one being discussed right now. It also has excellent long term benefits with respect to improvement in our concentration and focusing abilities.

So make sure that you build a habit of practicing mindfulness everyday no matter what the circumstances.

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So how’re you feeling about being back at office again? In case the thought overwhelms you a bit, our Experts can help you get ready for it. Connect with a YourDOST Expert today.

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