Video: Tips to Beat Exam Anxiety

1 minute

Have a big exam ahead? Is it making you stressed & anxious? Don’t fret – we have tips to help you boost your confidence and lower your anxiety.

exam anxiety

The video provides some really useful tips, backed by scientific studies, that help you beat exam anxiety –

  1. Get at least 6 hours of sleep the night before your exam. Pulling an all-nighter is a big no before the exam.
  2. Studies have shown that those who have had a balanced diet at least 1 week before the exam had performed better than those who had a diet which included meat or a diet rich in protein.
  3. Positive self-imagery has been known to boost confidence, but it only works if you set yourself realistic goals.
  4. While writing your exam paper, picture yourself in a happy moment and immediately switch yourself to write an exam.
  5. Try to familiarize yourself with the exam room prior to the exam. By seeing the setting beforehand, your mind is put to ease. 
  6. Writing down negative thoughts on a piece of paper and adding a positive statement over it can help lower your exam anxiety.


Manish B Shetty

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