In Conversation With Lakshmi Menon: On Modelling, Alternate Career and True Meaning of Beauty

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She is tall, she is dusky, she is slender, and she is the true face of beauty. Born in Kerala and brought up in various parts of North and East India, Lakshmi Menon has achieved a great success in her life through modelling. After starting her international career in 2006, she quickly rose to fame. She is one of the most celebrated Indian models in the global arena now, who has been featured in the Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Indian Elle, and Allure magazine. 

We at YourDOST had a chance to speak with Lakshmi as she shares her journey of making it big in the fashion world and also shares her perspectives on the real meaning of beauty.

In her own words:

Beauty comes from within – no matter how your exterior is. It’s about ones comfort with oneself and who they are from the inside and how they are from the outside. This is what makes people beautiful. 

She further adds,

Beauty has to be diverse – it has to be different. Otherwise the world is going to be very boring.

Personality is what adds to your phsyical appearance, otherwise you are just a pretty face with no depth. True beauty is all about depth.

Richa singh

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