Silly reasons to get embarrassed

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Every day we do so many activities and out of those few turn out into incidents that end up getting us embarrassed. There is nothing bad to feel about these incidents, just enjoy these small moments later by remembering them. Tell us your silly reason to get embarrassed if you have any apart from these .

silly reasons to get embarrassed
secret dance not so secret
listening to songs with an upnplugged earphones
dropping sauce while eating
empty stomach growls
pull or push
slipping while walking
bike not starting




Nitesh Pathak

He is a Graphic Designer with team YourDOST and is the torchbearer of creativity and joy. In his free time, this zealous artist finds himself engrossed by music and engages in doodling. A gregarious soul and a gem at heart, he likes to sprinkle happiness and laughter through his words and his art.