HANDle Technique for Improving Productivity

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Coming out of the procrastination spiral can not only be challenging but taking any step to come out of it might seem like a huge task for me. This tip is not a productivity hack but might just help you to take that first little step to transforming your life.

What to do?
Every morning after you are done with your daily routine, think of just one, and only one, important task that you have to complete in the day. Write this important task on your hand between your thumb and the index finger. It is important to keep this task in-sight to ensure that you are reminded throughout the day of your one important task of the day. Till you finish this important task, everything else is a distraction. Think of it this way: you got up this morning and your entire existence has culminated to finish this task. At the end of the day, cross out the date on the calendar. Ensure that this calendar is also in sight during the day. At the end of a 5 day streak you must also celebrate and treat yourself.
At the end of your streak also introspect about the difficulty of the task. Ensure that you are constantly stepping up your game and giving yourself more challenging tasks.



In Short

Step 1:

Every morning think of the one important task that you have to accomplish in the day.

Step 2:

Write the task on your hand between the Index finger and the thumb, so that it is in sight during the day.

Step 3:

Everything is a distraction till you complete the task written down in your hand

Step 4:

Mark your calendar if you did complete your task

Step 5:

Celebrate every 5 day streak

Why does it work?


It is very important to be focused and constantly remind yourself of the important things in your life. Writing on your hand will constantly remind you of what is important in your life.  

Progress fuels progress:

Because you have to write and accomplish only one task, it is easy to start making progress. Marking your progress on a calendar will help you progress better. The famous Jerry Seinfeld followed this productivity technique, in which he accomplished just one task every day and marking it on the calendar.

Rewiring the brain through reward:

If you reward yourself at the end of your 5-day streak you will rewire your brain into believing the importance of the activity. Over a period of time, this will become a Habit and you will that much closer to self-actualization.


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