Therapy Helped Abhay Pave the Path to Victory

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Therapy Helped Abhay Pave the Path to Victory

From the very womb 

of your sadness,

of your old self,

you have come out,

borne of heartache and pain,

yet you have made yourself

This majestic, beautiful new thing.

– Nikita Gill

This is the kind of spark that existed within 29-year-old Abhay. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Abhay currently works as a Senior Program Manager in Great Learning. Having a competitive spirit and zeal to perform, Abhay is deeply committed to fitness. This trait keeps him actively embedded in athletic activities and sports. 

Abhay is also fond of travelling and to add a twist to this hobby, Abhay takes part in various runs as well. Last month, Abhay ran from Mumbai to Goa! In his free time, Abhay also meditates, to keep his mind healthy, along with his body. But despite his upfront personality as well as dynamic nature, Abhay had certain areas where he felt the need to work upon in his life. 

“I read a lot of self-help books as I had an urge to develop myself. Recognising my issues was not a problem to me. But taking the right step towards it was.”

Earlier, before pursuing MBA, Abhay had started to experience depression.

Earlier, before pursuing MBA, Abhay had started to experience depression. But as soon as he commenced with his MBA program, he took the first opportunity to get in touch with an in-house counselor from his institute. Abhay had a brief session with the counselor and got comfortable. Ever since Abhay has been taking therapy as a part of his personal growth.

“As a professional, I used to get easily agitated by pointless meetings. I was getting frustrated.”

Abhay, being a person who was quite focused on his career as well as personal growth, felt concerned by these issues. Moreover, he needed a better mindset to tackle people soundly whenever he felt conflicted. 

Abhay’s job demanded a considerate amount of temperament as well as patience. So, previously being well acquainted with the idea of therapy, Abhay resumed his efforts towards his growth. 

“My company had a tie-up with YourDOST.  Furthermore, I have always been an advocate for my own development. So I decided to take this opportunity to introspect on my issues.”

Abhay got in touch with Abrar Raza, a counselor from YourDOST.

Abhay got in touch with Abrar Raza, a counselor from YourDOST. The therapy sessions consisted of vigorous introspection into what the issues were and how to navigate the problems in a better direction. Basically, Abhay and his counselor were more focused on agenda-driven conversations than simply trying to complete the time limit of the sessions. Eventually, Abhay tried to understand the aspects where he might have been lacking behind in giving his 100%. 

“It is very important for a therapist to understand what works for their client. In my case, Abrar was the person who fit perfectly well in this scenario and understood me.”

In a fun rapid-fire round, Abhay described his overall therapy sessions as ” relaxing”. Along with extending his gratitude towards his counselor, Abhay rated his overall progress through therapy with a 4 out of 5.

We, at YourDOST, are amazed by how Abhay didn’t hold himself back in his overall development and acknowledged the same by taking a step towards it. He is already a 5 on 5 for us! 

Abhay’s Warrior Tips:
1. Many people are not comfortable with the idea of therapy and think that only mentally challenged people should go for counseling. As an athlete, if my leg is hurting, I always go for physiotherapy. Similarly, in case of mental health issues, one shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to a counselor too.
2. There should be a current balance in the mind-body connection.

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